Which are the best Antalya Beaches?

Which are the best Antalya Beaches
Which are the best Antalya Beaches

Antalya offers beautiful beach options for sea, sun and sand tourism. You can use the list below for Antalya beaches that you can go to in or near the city center. Antalya holiday is home to many clean and beautiful beaches by nature. Which are the most visited beaches among Antalya holiday options?

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach Antalya places to visit. Konyaaltı Beach is a beach famous for its clear sea with blue flag status. The sea, which is shallow up to 3 meters from its entrance, is also suitable for families with children. The sea of ​​the public beach, which consists of fine sand but mostly fine pebbles, is somewhat wavy. It is possible to find the sea like sheets in the early hours of the morning.

Lara Beach

Lara Beach The most famous Antalya beaches.  which is one of the most popular public beaches of Antalya with the beauty of its smooth sands, is shallow at first, but suddenly becomes deep. It is also wavy and mossy at times. There are also walking and cycling paths on the beach.

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach The most beautiful Antalya beaches. Mermerli  is located in Kaleiçi, one of the historical places of Antalya. There is an entrance fee as it is a private beach. Since it is in a small bay, there are not many waves in the sea. This is a blue flag, clean, small beach in the style of a Beach Club. It is especially preferred by people who seek tranquility.

Kemer Beach

Kemer Beach Antalya places to visit. Since there are sharp pebbles both in the sea and on the coastline, most people use sea shoes at Kemer Beach. The sea of ​​the public beach, located to the east of Kemer Marina, is deep, slightly wavy and quite clean.

Phaselis Beach

Phaselis Beach Places to swim in Antalya. The entrance to Phaselis Beach, which is 15 minutes away from Kemer, is free. Phaselis Beaches are divided into 3 parts as North Port, South and Central Port. The beaches have sand and pebbles. Especially those who prefer smooth and shallow sea can head to the central port.

Cirali Beach

Cirali Beach Antalya places to visit. Çıralı Beach, which starts in Yanartaş and ends in Olympos, is approximately 3.5 km long. The sea is deepening fast. There are stones and pebbles both on the seabed and on the beach side. It is possible to find many restaurants and cafes around the public beach, where the entrance is free.

Olympos Beach

Olympos Beach Places to swim in Antalya. Beach is just ahead of Çıralı Beach. The beach, which is in the Olympos National Park and can be accessed free of charge with the Müzekart, can be reached by walking around the ancient city.

Although there are large pebbles in the sea part, a sandy area starts after a while. This is a virgin environment and there are no facilities around. It is also possible to say that the sea water is cooler than many beaches of Antalya.

Tekirova Beach

Tekirova Beach Places to visit in Antalya. Blue flag “Tekirova Beach”, 12 km from Kemer, serves as a public beach. Although the sea can be a bit choppy, especially towards the evening, it is generally calm. There are stones in places on the beach.

Sarisu Ladies Beach

Sarısu Ladies Beach is a place where only women swim. The beach is surrounded by pine trees. The beach, which has a mixture of pebbles and sand, also has a shallow sea. The entrance to the beach within the social facilities is free.

Moonlight Beach

The turquoise sea of ​​Moonlight Beach, located on the coastal part of Moonlight Park, fascinates holidaymakers. Although the entrance to the sea is sandy, there are also pebbles in some places. The 300-meter beach is covered with fine sand. Part of the beach is open to the public; You can enter this section for free.

Karpuzkaldıran Beach

With its shallow sea and fine sand, Karpuzkaldıran Beach is among the favorites of families with children. The beach, located where the Düden Waterfall flows into the sea, is also used as a military rest camp. It is possible to easily reach the beach in Lara from the city center.