Small Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Small Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Your kitchens may be small, so if you do not have the opportunity to enlarge your kitchen, you will need some decoration ideas to make the existing space more useful. We will examine the small kitchen decoration ideas in two parts, first, the methods you will use to make it look bigger than it is visually, and the second is the more efficient use of the existing space of the kitchen. By applying these methods in your own kitchen, you can use your kitchen in the most efficient way. At the end of the article, you can see the examples we have presented for small kitchen models where these ideas are applied.

White Color Makes Your Kitchen Look Bigger Than It Is

The first thing you need to do to make small kitchens look big is the color choice. The spaces painted with white color appear larger than they are. In addition to making the color of your kitchen white, you can also make your kitchen look bigger than it is by choosing the colors of your furniture as white. Isn’t that much white too much? you may ask. You can use kitchen hangers, shelves and other small accessories that you will use in the kitchen to add color.

Lighting is always important

When decorating a small kitchen, remember that light and brightness have an important place. Your kitchen may have a small window or if it does not get enough light from the window, then your kitchen will appear smaller than its current size. With sufficient lighting, you can make your kitchen look bigger than it is. You can create a brighter kitchen with spotlights instead of a chandelier on the ceiling.

Use walls efficiently

You can make more use of the walls of your kitchen. With the help of shelves, you can increase your existing storage space. Apart from the shelves, you can save both time and space by keeping the items you use constantly on these hangers. When decorating a small kitchen, you can plant fresh herbs such as parsley, mint, basil in small pots to prevent the shelves from creating a bad warehouse image, and you can benefit from their beautiful smell and appearance.

Functional cabinets for unused spaces

Since we aim to use every area more efficiently when decorating small kitchens, you can use your storage space more efficiently thanks to the cabinets you will use in idle areas. By making cabinets suitable for unused areas with cabinets, you will both use those areas and open up a storage space for your belongings.

Modular and Small Furniture

You can use your kitchen more effectively thanks to the modular furniture that I see as the savior of small kitchens. When decorating small kitchens, modular furniture, which is more functional and useful instead of fixed furniture, cannot make small kitchens look larger, but allows you to use the existing space efficiently. Apart from modular furniture, you should prefer small furniture for your kitchen. By choosing small kitchen tables rather than standard-sized kitchen tables for table and chairs, the available space is not narrowed.

Door takes up too much space

Since the door usually opens into your kitchen, it takes up an unnecessary space in the kitchen. Fixed doors narrow the space in kitchens and cause your kitchen to become smaller than it is. In order to empty this space occupied by the doors, you can remove your existing door and install a bead, rope or curtain door. If you don’t want to give up on your door while decorating your small kitchen, you have two alternatives; If your existing door opens inwards, you can disassemble it and make it open to the outside. This is a difficult method and you can damage your wall during the removal stage. The second method is you can replace it with a sliding door or accordion door, which takes up less space than ordinary doors.

Feel free to use the ceiling

You used the walls and idle areas in the kitchen, or the walls are filled with shelves and cabinets, creating a bad image. In this case, by hanging some kitchen utensils with some hangers that you can mount on the ceiling, you can both provide a modern look and have a kitchen decoration that is in order.

Small Kitchen Decoration

Small Kitchen Ideas decorated by applying these kitchen decoration ideas. By applying the ideas applied on these small kitchen models in your own kitchen, you will not only make your kitchen look bigger than it is, but also use the available space efficiently.