What Kind of Damage Does Crying for Hours Do to Your Skin?

What Kind of Damage Does Crying for Hours Do to Your Skin

Crying is really relaxing. But having a red nose and swollen eyes after crying for hours isn’t a good thing. On the other hand, the salt content in tears can dry out our skin by reducing the moisture level in the skin. This can cause wrinkles and scratches on the skin. Well, let’s take a look at what other damage these tears have on our skin. It’s look like a life style tips.

A good cry can make you feel great, but it can also wreak havoc on the skin

Crying is one of the ways the body tries to maintain balance against internal and external stressors. Also, a good cry can improve your state of mind, lower your stress levels, and help you as a way to regain balance. But still, salty tears also have harmful effects on your skin.

The salt in tears can upset the skin’s fluid balance, drawing moisture out and causing dehydration

While crying can be a result of difficult emotions, it can help keep stress-related skin issues under control over time, as it can help reduce stress. Until you find these solutions, gently apply a moisturizer to your face to reduce dryness and irritation.

The friction from wiping your tears with a tissue can disrupt the skin barrier

After crying, put a cool washcloth on your face to help restore and protect your skin and reduce inflammation.

The next step is to repair the skin barrier that has been disrupted by salty tears and abrasive napkins. Gently apply a moisturizer to your face. Applying a moisturizer, preferably containing squalene, ceramides or hyaluronic acid compounds, can help regenerate the skin’s water-holding center and reduce irritation.

You will have a lot of swelling after crying and it will not go away easily

When you cry, the soft tissue around the eyes expands due to the blood vessels in the area and increased blood flow to the area, causing redness and swelling. This is why our eye area swells a lot when we cry. You can try eye creams containing caffeine and calendula, which can help reduce this swelling. You can also help these swellings go down with a face roller kept in the refrigerator.