Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet

In the alkaline diet, which is based on choosing according to the acidity of the food, in other words how acidic they are, ie their pH values, it is necessary to give importance to feeding with fresh fruits, vegetables and tubers. Contrary to what is known, the foods and foods offered in the alkali acid diet also put those who follow the diet out of their eating habits.

Alkaline Diet Breakfast

Best diet ideas is free to eat until you are full of the following options:

Curd cheese
Cucumbers and other greens.
By adding lemon and cold pressed olive oil, yellow and red vegetables can be eaten comfortably during
the day.
Black unsalted olives.
Omelette or boiled with 4 egg whites and 1 yolk, a little butter.
Goat and sheep cheese types can be preferred.
With an avocado, lemon (no mayonnaise or other sauce)
2 slices of gluten-free bread
Small amount of grape molasses and tahini
Green tea and herbal teas

Almond milk. Almonds are superior to other nuts with their protein, fat, calcium content and high alkaline properties. A handful of raw almonds can be consumed if it is difficult to make the milk. Walnuts and hazelnuts should also be added to breakfast once a week.

Alkaline Diet Lunch

1 decaffeinated, unsweetened coffee 2 hours after breakfast. 1 glass of alkaline water should be drunk on it. The following are free until they are full. One glass of alkaline water should be drunk 20 minutes before eating.

All kinds of raw vegetables, salads
Boiled, steamed all vegetables
All soups are drinkable
All kinds of vegetable dishes with olive oil
All legumes are edible
All fish species
Grilled chicken or turkey meat
Salads, but only lemon, olive oil and apple cider vinegar should be used as sauces.
Brown-skinned rice pilaf
Boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes if available
Gluten-free flour pasta, pizza
2 slices of gluten-free bread
Plenty of red peppers should be added to meals.
Do not eat fried foods (even vegetables)
Foods cooked in the microwave and heated should be preferred.
Himalayan salt is recommended.

Alkaline Diet Dinner

Those consumed in the evening on an alkaline diet are preferred as a portion of grilled fish with green salad or green leafy vegetable dishes with olive oil and a lettuce salad with plenty of lemon sauce. While bread consumption is not exceeded in this meal, gluten-free breads are preferred. If the alkaline diet is not suitable for you, you can also try the Swedish diet.